Training Facility

Hagerman's Live Fire Facility

In the Summer of 2009 the Hagerman Fire Department was given the keys to their brand new training facility built by Fire Facilities Inc. The new two and half story steel building offers two burn rooms, a roof cutting station, a commercial and residential side along with an outside FD connection for use of the standpipe system. The building also has movable wall panels in order to create different room layouts each time. The burn rooms are outfitted with Westec Insulation System which allows us to safely burn at temperatures at or around 1200 degrees!

The Hagerman Fire Department has opened the burn building doors for other departments around the island to come down to test their own skills and perform their own training. The department has a number of members certified as NFPA 1403 Live Fire Training Burn Instructors for your safety. If your department would like to come to Hagerman's Burn Facility, contact for more information.

Our Vision:

Training is the most important asset to an effective Fire Department. Our vision is to provide training which enhances every members performance on the fireground that our community values the most.


burn bldg 2

This side of the fire building is considered the residential side. Basement fires can also be simulated by using the stairs to the second floor and making your way down the interior stairs.

burn bldg 3
Here we can simulate a scenario of having to safely pull a meter to a residence if required using a fake meter box mounted on the exterior wall.

Burn Bldg

The front of the building offers a commercial layout, and also includes a standpipe intake connection to the left of the double doors for use of the standpipe system on the 1st and 2nd floors.

training facility


Confined Space Simulator

Here at Hagerman we also have a confined space simulator that is built using pre-cast concrete rings. The rings are set at 3 different depths for simulating shallow and deep confined spaces and also has corrugated pipe that runs between all of the concrete rings to simulate a pipeline. This simulator is used by our Technical Rescue Team and is used for drills with other local departments with Technical Rescue Teams. If your department is interested in using this facility as well, send an email to for further information.

confined spaceconfined space 2confined space 3

confined space


Car Fire and Extrication Pad

Also located on the training grounds is a car fire and vehicle extrication pad, with a 24 inch concrete sono-tube to simulate vehicle crashes into trees, telephone poles, or bridge columns. With the use of the department backhoe we can crush, overturn and stack cars to form real life scenario's.


vehicle pad car fire

vehicle pad